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 Nothing like I had stateside, but my first machine in Colombia. I had to modify it to stitch heavier leather. It has a digital motor, but no speed reducer since I can't get one here. I took the large wheel off a pedal machine and put it for my belt drive, now I can sew super slow and still have torque.

Mi primer maquina en Colombia. Nada que ver con las maquinas que yo tenia en Estados Unidos, pero cose bien.

The famous hand crank Chinese patcher. These machines are rough when you get them, but if you get one dailed in they're well worth the money.

Otrra maquina China. Muy basico, sin motor, pero cose bien.

The famous Pfaff 469. Not really a leather machine, but will sew medim and light leather. I use this machine for sewing belts and nylon straps. Agood machine has sealed bearings that never need oiling.

La famosa Pfaff 469. Buena maquina que uso para coser cinturones y correas.


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