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Colombian Cowgirls #horses

Antique Mexican style saddle repair

 This was a repair I tried to get out of but the customer insisted to do what I could so.... I got suckered in again. I basically fixed the wood on the post. Then reinstalled the head. Then cut the leather and embossed it with the star like the original. This saddle had a metal brace that supported the head so I had to fix that and reintall it. Then dyed glued and stiched it back together. For what it was it came out very close to the original. Una reparacion que no queria hacer, pero el cliente fue desperado. Salio bien y quedo cerca de el original.

Cowboy life in Colombia

My Shop Knives

Mexican Saddle sold

Just recently finished and sold right away. Mi ultima silla vendi por 600 mil, estilo Mexicano.  

The You Tube Channel

 The youtube channel is taking off. Subscriptions are climbing and getting  lots of views, The channel is under my brand El Gringo Saddle co. Check it out and help me out by subscribing and liking. El Gringo Saddle co.


This my last saddle sold within a week. This was a proto type so I need to make another one. Since I have a strong repair business it slows me up on making new saddles.