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 The Colombian Cabalgata is a big horse ride where everyone comes together to ride socialize and drink. This years ride was a lot smaller than last years. The ride starts right behind my shop which is great for business and gives me a chance to check out all the saddles. The most popular saddles seem to be the terreques which have an arc instead of a horn, then the Mexican saddles with the big horn, then the chapparal which is like the western saddle. I'm mainly making terreques and Mexican style saddles because of demand.  Este es la cabalgata de Silvania, menos gente que el a~no pasado. Empieza atras de mi negocio que me ayuda alto. Las monturas mas popular son los terreques, despues los Mexicanos y chaparal.

New Breast Collar / Pechera

New breast collar. Nueva pechera  

Leather Quality

The leather quality here in Colombia is not good. After being used to Wicket and craig, and Herman Oaks leather it's like going from Ferrari to Volkswagon, but I have to use what is available. Sheep skin is hard to find so I use felts and foam rubber under the trees.  Where veg tan leather quality is poor , chrome tan leather is good here. Wood tree quality is poor, but plastic trees like Ralides  are readily available. So, I am constantly adapting and trying new things.

Chinks / Chamaras

 I decided to make some American style chinks to see how they'd sell here in Colombia  Chamaras para dama estilo norte americano

Aquadiente holder

 Drinking while you ride is a popular past time here in Colombia, so I made some aquadiente holders that hang off the saddle. Cartuchos para botella de aquadiente para tu montura